I knew from my first day of school that I was meant to do art. I loved drawing and coloring more than anything else in school. My high school art teacher told me that I had a talent for watercolor. I never forgot that, although it took many years before I picked up a watercolor brush. My love of art led me to become a teacher. I wanted to teach children how to make beautiful works of art. I have been teaching for over 30 years. I taught Special Education for most of those years.

My watercolors are vibrant, detailed and uplifting. My impressionistic style involves lots of color. I paint a variety of subjects, but lately, I have been focusing on painting European scenes. This was inspired by trips to Germany and Italy. I prefer to paint from my own photographs so it’s important for me to travel.

I learned how to watercolor by taking lessons from Jo Neal Boic. I also studied under Sandra Kay Johnson and Trisha Reichert. I continue to take workshops and do many lessons on YouTube. Anna Mason is one of my favorite online teachers.

I am lucky to be a lifelong resident of the Central Coast of California. I currently live in Nipomo with my husband. I have three beautiful daughters and four grandchildren. I am fortunate that two of them live nearby.


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